FNF: Adobe Creations

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Adobe is a computer program with which you can create animations, view them, and even print the necessary elements. Boyfriend enters the world of this indispensable program, where he is already waiting for the antagonists created by Adobe. Boyfriend has five songs to perform better than his opponents: “Creation”, “Bulllegum”, “Five Nights”, “Crack Remix” and “Recreation”.

No matter what world Boyfriend finds himself in, he always remains the best vocalist. In order to ensure that the guy does not fall face down in the mud, it is necessary again to prove the musical superiority of his rivals. You need to keep an eye on the moving arrows. Wait until the same symbols converge, and then click on the key that corresponds to this pair. Be careful not to lose too many notes in a row, because the success indicator below captures each of your failures, and their sequence threatens to complete failure.