FNF: Annalynn Mineshaft Mischief

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend decided to play on an old slot machine, when suddenly a whirlpool opened in the machine, and it pulled the couple into the middle. Once inside the retro machine, Boyfriend and his girlfriend met a mysterious girl with a pickaxe named Annalynn. Annalin has long been a prisoner of the slot machine, and when the girl finally has a fun company, she will not let her guests go so easily, and challenges the king of music to a musical battle to the hits “Coin Op” and “Mineshaft”.

In order to get out of the slot machine trap, Boyfriend must fight Annalyn in a musical duel and win. Victory requires the full performance of all songs. In order for the guy in the cap to be able to perform the whole song, you need to press the arrow keys correctly and accurately as soon as you see that identical characters on the screen touched. Do not skip the arrows and do not hesitate, because a few mistakes in a row, and a couple can become prisoners of the slot machine forever.