FNF: Artistic Altitude

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Tossler broke up with his girlfriend and life threw him right into the street. For a long time the guy played his guitar in the middle of the yard as a street musician, until one day his talent was appreciated by a famous rock band. Tossler was invited to audition, and his candidacy was immediately approved. Unheard of fame embraced the guy and it remains only to defeat Boyfriend and he will not be equal, what Tossler goes to do.

In this mod can also trace the life of Indy after the rupture of the relationship. The girl hasn’t stopped singing either. You’ll be treated to two Music Weeks in which you’ll have to perform the following songs: “Fun and Games”, “The Real Deal”, “Fix The Broken”, “Yours Truly”, “Feast for the Eyes” and “Game Time”. You can perform the songs by clicking on the keys that correspond to the symbols floating on the screen. Click at the moments of making two identical figures. Also, after you pass two music weeks, a few more bonus songs will be unlocked: “Joyride”, “Reconnect”, “Doomah” and “Hell Clown”.