FNF: Beach Time Blowout!

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One hot afternoon, Boyfriend and Girlfriend went to the seaside to get some rest and frolic in the cool blue water. But their fun came to an end when Katelyn meets BF on the shore. Katelyn is a charming blonde in a pink who challenges Boyfriend to fight in a musical battle right out of the water, because there doesn’t have to be a stage to show the whole beach the sonorous and pleasant voice of the new beauty.

As attractive as Katelyn may seem, she is now the main rival for Boyfriend. The guy’s task is to win the musical battle, namely to sing the song to the last note. To do this, you need to press the arrow keys when you see that the identical arrows on the screen have reached their fixed symbols. If you continue to press correctly and do not miss a single arrow, then you will definitely reach the final and beat Katelyn with this.