FNF: BF Falls to DreamLand

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Boyfriend and Girlfriend somehow ended up in the Land of Dreams. This is a sunny place that you can only dream of, but still the couple can not wait to return home. In order to get out of this amazing, but alien country, you need to defeat two local residents – Maglor and Kirby. On the green meadow Boyfriend expects a musical competition for the following four songs: “Moomstruck”, “Gourmet Race”, “Another Dimension” and “Missa Race”.

Returning home is possible only if you manage to defeat the inhabitants of the DreamLand in a musical duel. No force is needed, only voice and ear for music. Each song must be played to the end, and this is possible if you accurately follow the rhythm of the music and click on the keys in time. As soon as the arrow that moves on the screen reaches the fixed gray icon, click on the corresponding key, and so on until the end of the music. If you can hold out until the end, you’ll get home faster. In another case, the stay of a couple in the Land of Dreams can drag on for a long time.