FNF: Boyfriend, AR AR AR AR AR

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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In a live broadcast of one man’s haircut, there was a reaction in the form of a “Ar Ar Ar” sounding like a dolphin. Now this “Ar Ar Ar”, has become one of the popular memes roaming the vastness of the internet. The anime characters Luffy and Eneru are ready to raise their tones to the sounds of the “Damn” musical track, and you can perform it along with them, and enjoy it immensely.

In order for Eneru to become the winner you need to concentrate on the symbols that keep moving on the right side of the screen. Keep your eyes open so that you don’t miss the moment when you need to click on a key for the guy to perform a note. Click each time the colored shapes pair up with their stencils above. Try to drag the slider that is at the bottom to the side of Eneru, and hold it that way until the melody ends.