FNF: Brain Sisters

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Tina and Maya are two cyborg sisters who were made on the same assembly line, and at the same time. Do you think that iron machines are only made to work and have no feelings? That’s not true at all! Not only that, robots also know how to have fun, and today the girls decided to have a musical duel, during which they will perform the songs “Plasma Shooting” and “Mechanistorm”.

Help the cute robot Maya to defeat her own sister in two musical rounds. In order to help Maya, you need to focus on the symbols that will start moving upwards once it’s her turn to perform part of the song. As soon as the moving pieces connect with the symbols that are identical to them, hurry up and press the key that corresponds to the pair on the screen. Try to play the songs until the end, so that they do not interrupt before time, which can happen if the song is not played well.