FNF Carol and Whitty Date Week

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A lot of already extraordinary couples have joined in the open spaces of the FNF. Now another couple of music lovers, Carol and Whitty, go on a romantic date. These heroes prove to be worthy rivals in musical battles with Boyfriend, and now it’s time to counter them in a duet to express their feelings for each other. Nothing better can convey all the feelings like a song. Help the lovers in the territory with the first declarations of love to prevent their heart forever.

This will not be the battle we are used to, but a duet of lovers, and in order to express feelings and convey them in a song, it must be beautifully and fully sung. We invite you to help lovers open their hearts to the songs: “Perfume”, “Whitroll” and “Heartbass”. To do this, you must press the arrow keys in time, as soon as you see that the arrows on the screen coincide with the outlines above. Accurately press each key, and you will be able to create a successful finale of musical recognition.