FNF Corrupted Data vs Sonic.EXE

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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The actions of this mod take place in the new universe of the evil hedgehog Sonic, in which Boyfriend finds himself. The guy has grown up a bit and changed his style, replacing the red cap with black sunglasses, which makes him quite brutal. Ready for new battles Boyfriend invites you to plunge into the world of creepy rhythms.

The track list of this mod consists of the following tracks: “Red Static”, “Carnivorous”, “True Red”, “Sly Hog”, “Master Plan” and “True Red Remix OG”. Defeat Red Xaine and other rivals in the rhythms of the music. To do this, you should click on the buttons that are responsible for the moving figures in time. Watch the movement of the characters on the screen, and as soon as they align with the silhouettes of their shape, click on the keys. Keep playing the song correctly until the last note to win.