FNF: Deep-Sea Date

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend sank to the bottom of the sea to fully enjoy its beauties. But, as it turned out, even deep in the ocean they are familiar with the work and success of Boyfriend, and the marine inhabitants could not miss such a chance, when the King of Music himself came to them, and not fight him in a musical battle to the songs: “Sea”, ” Sweet Waves” and “Chili”.

Among the marine inhabitants who want to defeat Boyfriend, there is also such a green character as The Deeper We Go, who will have to be defeated on a par with the rest of the antagonists. To do this, follow the rhythm of the music and click on the arrow keys when the symbols of the same shape touch. Don’t miss too often so that Boyfriend can finish each song to the end and win. Several mistakes in a row will end the song ahead of time, and the battle will be lost.