FNF Elements Of Insanity vs My Little Pony Cupcakes

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FNF Elements Of Insanity vs My Little Pony Cupcakes

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We present one of the most interesting, fascinating and intense mods on the FNF universe. This time the fans of Friday Night Funkin have created a stunning modification that is 100% likely to please the fans of this game. You will see the updated version of blue-haired guy and his girl. He will appear before you as a little pony with blue mane. You have to help him defeat the evil doppelganger from the MLP universe. Get ready for a challenge that won’t be easy.

Despite the fact that there is only one music track in the game, you will be able to change the beat speed, depending on the difficulty level. For beginners, the easier version is better suited, where the speed of the arrows will not be as fast as at higher levels. To start the gameplay just press the Start button. In this case, if you are not yet familiar with the rules, you can take a special training or read the text instructions.

The rules are as simple as possible: moving arrows appear on the monitor, which at certain intervals coincide with similar symbols located above the head of the protagonist. Keep an eye on them, and as soon as they are matched, quickly press the corresponding key on your keyboard. Be careful, if there are too many missed characters, you will have to start the process all over again.