FNF: Flashpoint Funkin’

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Boyfriend finds himself in the world of flash games, where three rivals are waiting for him. The first for a musical battle, Boyfriend is invited by a small red cube, whose movements are lightning fast. The red cube will perform the song “Onerous”. The second opponent will be no less fast yellow cube, which will perform “Aura”. And last on the dance floor will come cat Chris from the game “The Impossible Quizzes” and will perform the musical composition “Syrup”.

Three game antagonists for the first time on the expanses of FNF, but they do not do badly with a microphone in their hands. Boyfriend, on the other hand, is the king of the music world, and so he needs to show his new rival his superiority by performing their songs to the final chord. To do this, it is important not to make mistakes too often, so as not to spoil the whole song, because then it will be interrupted. Click on the keys that correspond to the symbols on the screen when identical pieces touch, and so on until the end of the song.