FNF: Freaky Night With Soni

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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A fun mod in which Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves in a whole new universe, after short-circuiting a found phone. Once in the new world, Boyfriend becomes a certain Beefe, and his girlfriend Gefe. There they meet Soni, who is a hedgehog in the guise of Sonic, with arms and legs similar to Stickman. Are you ready for a new battle between Beefe and Sonia?

At first glance, the mod consists of three songs that can be found in Free Play and Story: “Sonicando”, “Faster Rapper” and “SPED.” But after this music week, bonus songs will be available to you, but only if you enter a code on your cell phone: Unleashed (1811 ) Ou (0907) Please (1902) Broken Reality (2012) Sonibars (0069) Enjoy the music by playing its notes yourself. Don’t miss often by pressing the arrows at the same time as tapping identical pieces. Keep singing until you win by reaching the end of the track.