FNF: Fruit Medley Mayhem

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While walking around town with his Girlfriend, Boyfriend meets a motley group of girls who think they are pop stars. The trio recognizes Boyfriend immediately, even though the guy has never dated any of the girls before. In order to become even more famous and popular, the girls from the group “Fruity Mailey” decide to fight with Boyfriend, who is happy to demonstrate his superiority, because his girlfriend’s mom is watching everything.

Mel, Bana and Peri have chosen a very strong opponent to showcase their talents. The girls will take turns to perform their songs, “Honeydew”, “Cavendish” and “Sengana”. In order not to mess up in front of Girlfriend’s mom, it is essential that Boyfriend does not lose. To do this, you need to click on the arrow keys in time when the pieces of the same shape touch each other. Don’t make mistakes often so that the music doesn’t cut off and the guy in the cap doesn’t lose.