FNF Goodbye World

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Past versions of FNF were filled with funny dialogues and humor, well, for fans of darker and more heartbreaking images, we present you a modification where it is not. This fan development is considered to be one of the saddest and most heartbreaking, because here BF dies and is reborn as a ghost. In this hypostasis, he performs his last song, watched by his weeping girlfriend. All the while he is hovering over his GF, and his eyes are completely devoid of pupils, his eye sockets turning completely white.

However, in spite of his unhappy situation, BF still continues to laugh, not giving up trying to get back to his beloved. If you press the arrows in the right order, you can see all his movements with your own eyes. You just need to carefully monitor the monitor and catch the moment when the moving arrows coincide with their static copies, in this moment immediately press the key with a similar symbol. Be careful, because the time of the song is limited, and it is very easy to lose!