FNF: Green Week

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves in the greenhouse of the demon Matthew, who grows the most extraordinary plants. Matthew considers it possessions magic, for no one has ever managed to grow such a beautiful garden. Boyfriend offers the green demon to participate in a rap battle with him in exchange for the magical secret of growing plants. The battle between the guys will take place in three stages to the songs, “Photosynthesizer”, “Plantations” and “Blossoms”.

In order for the demon Matthew to reveal a couple of growing secrets, Boyfriend needs to overpower him at every stage. In order for the guy to be able to perform the song to the end, you need to carefully follow the movement of the arrows on the screen. When a pair of “twin” symbols touch over the head of the King of Music, you need to press the key that corresponds to that pair of symbols. If you often miss, you will lose the battle, and all the work will have to start from the beginning.