FNF: Hating Simulator Rescored 2.0

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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After getting caught up in an old pixel game, Boyfriend returns to Music Week 6 with Senpai and Monica. Asking for help to get home, the guy in the cap was refused, and instead was offered a rhythm battle in the schoolyard. Well, we’ll come back to how to get out of the pixel world a little later, but for now we’ll have some musical rounds with the best students of the school.

The new Week 6 songs playing right now are “Sakura”, “Broken Code”, “Loveburst”, “Rose Duel”, “Shattered Heart” and “Amends”. This mod is about love and the hate that comes over the main characters from time to time. Perform each song with Boyfriend, winning and moving on. Regardless of the game mode, the rules for performing the songs are the same. Click on the keys that are responsible for the characters on the screen at the moments when the figures find their stencils and touch them, and so on until the final note.