FNF: In The Galaxy

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend decide to go on a romantic trip through space. And of course, their date was diluted by a meeting with anime girl on the ship, who had heard about the king of music more than once. Cutie offers Boyfriend a musical battle to her cosmic melodies. Well, how can a boy refuse such a tempting offer, and of course he accepts the challenge. The battle on the spaceship will be held to the following musical compositions: “Galaxy”, “Underworld”, “Kona”, “Game”, “Kastimagina” and “Cyber”.

Boyfriend’s battle with a cute space girl will be held under six rhythmic songs, each of which the guy will have to endure to the end. In order to be able to complete the execution of each hit, it is necessary that the success slider always remains on the side of Boyfriend, and this can be done if you accurately click on the keys at the moment when the identical arrows on the screen coincide together. Your mistakes and misses several times in a row will become instant defeats, so focus and try not to fake your music.