FNF Killin Vs Killer Sans

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Mod in which you play for a girl in a striped sweater Charu, who fights the most dangerous killer of the city – Sans. The skeleton has become a serial maniac, and at his hands died already more than one local resident. Whether Chara can stop the atrocities of Sans in the rhythms of music, depends only on you. Deftly catch the notes of the tracks to bring them to the finale and become the winner.

 The track list can be found in Free Play, or go into Story mode, where all tracks are divided into two Weeks. Either way, you need to sing perfectly so you don’t lose early. Click the arrows when characters of the same shape touch each other. Don’t miss the moments when the shapes touch, because this way Chara will miss her notes, and frequent repetition of mistakes will lead to a defeat in the battle, and Sans will win. The Usual Know the deal Know your place The Deal Voided