FNF: Ludum Throwback (Stuck in a Loop)

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Various materials for Ludum Dare 47 came to life and meeting Boyfriend on their way decided to challenge him musically. The battle of the robots will take place in four stages under the following songs: “Skyline”, “Oplo”, “Hyperloop” and “Bloop”. We must not allow the victory of cruel robots, but at all costs we must once again show the musical superiority of the king of music by defeating each opponent in a musical battle.

Each opponent is determined, and will not give up just like that until he defeats Boyfriend. In order for the guy to win every fight, you need to sing the song to the last note. The singing must be perfect so that the song doesn’t end prematurely. Keep an eye on the success indicator, which should always be on the side of Boyfriend. This is possible if you precisely press the arrow keys at the moment when the movable symbols on the screen coincide with the same fixed symbolss at the top.