FNF Maginage Matches

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We want to please you with a new version of the musical universe of FNF games, in which you can learn more about the school life of a blue-haired boy at school. This time he will take part in a dance battle against his school friends: Tac, Abby, Lucian. The battle is set up specifically so that the guy can impress the girl he likes.

If you win, the girlfriend is sure to fall in love with GF, so his fate is completely in your hands. However, as soon as Taxa’s friends join the rap contest, things get out of hand and the real madness begins.

Engage in a musical bacchanalia, party to one of the three songs included in this modification: Tic-Tac-Foe, Hit-N-Strike and Acrimony. Most importantly, remember that you need to keep a close eye on the rhythm and beat, don’t skip too many notes, otherwise the progress bar will turn red and you’ll lose. Watch the gameplay to keep the indicator green, that way you will successfully reach the end of the game.