FNF: Minus Huggy Wuggy

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Description and purpose of the game

Endah has once again created the coolest and most addicting mod for FNF, where now you have to fight the minus version of Huggy Wuggy. This blue monster has trained since your last battle and is now ready to take revenge. “Playtime” is the name of the track under which the duel will take place, and for victory, you must hold out until it ends.

How to play

Minus Huggy, despite the frightening appearance, remained the same villain, whom you have defeated more than once. Now, you also need to click on the arrows at the most suitable moment – when they will appear over the head of BF. So you will earn points and gradually approach the finish line.