FNF: Net Games Fever

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend, like many players, have many favorite games, and are excited to embark on a new adventure that includes four new rap battles. In the first song, “Sweet Candy,” Boyfriend teleports into the world of Om Nom’s sweet tooth. “Fire and Water” offers a duel of iconic couples: Boyfriend and Girlfriend vs. Fireboy and Watergirl in a temple. In the rhythms of the track “Alarm,” Boyfriend will face off against Peashooter and Sunflower as they defend their territory. “Monster Chorus” will conclude with Boyfriend battling Mammott, one of the main monsters.

All four tracks are in Free Play. Choose the world you want to go to and go straight to the duel. On the battlefield, don’t miss the moments when the figures on your vocalist’s side touch the same silhouettes. Click the keys in time to sing the right notes. If you can sing all the rhythms and notes perfectly, you’ll make it to the finals and win.