FNF: Ones and Such

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
The game is loading...

There are three songs in this mod that can be played in free play, because the situations are completely random and the characters are just enjoying the music, inviting you to share this musical orgasm with them, to the songs “Popstein”, “Tivinok” and “UKGD”. Battle against Nikku or maybe you’d rather choose Cassette Girl? The choice is yours, as well as the performance part of the song.

Your character is always on the right side of the screen. After choosing a song, be ready to perform it. To do this, you need to keep an eye on the figures that go up on the right side. As soon as these figures reach the stencils that are located at the top, click on the key that answers them. Try to sing so that the hero hit most of the notes and did not make many mistakes, because then he will lose and will have to replay the round.