FNF: Pico Vs Tankman: Familiar Encounters

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In one of the city’s courtyards, the ex-military man, Tankman, was conducting his daily practice when someone interrupted him. Pico, a redheaded bandit who wanted to try his luck again in a musical fight against Tankman, appeared in the yard. Pico previously had to face Tankman in Week 6, when he was just Boyfriend’s assistant.

Pico’s fight against Tankman will be accompanied by the song “Familiar Encounters”, and none other than the Music King himself, Boyfriend, who owes Pico his victory in Week 6, will come to help. Help Pico and you. In order for the guy to be the winner, you have to sing the song perfectly until the finale. Click on the arrow keys at the moments when the colored symbols will match up with the gray self-similar characters. Don’t miss often and you’ll make it to the end of the music.