FNF: Potassium (Attack Of The Killer Queen Sings Endless)

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Evil Queen Killer Potassium is tired of sitting in her kingdom, and she decided to have some fun. The queen broke into the world of FNF, and challenged the king of music, Boyfriend. Her song will play for a long time, because this is a well-known track called “Endless”, which has already been played many times on the FNF stage. And Boyfriend needs to stand on a ghostly stage under its sound until the very last chord.

To defeat Queen Potassium, Boyfriend needs to hold out until the very end of the musical composition. To do this, follow the flying arrows from the side of BF, and without missing, press the corresponding keys when a pair of identical symbols match together. You can stand to the end – the victory is yours. But remember, that if you miss, and this repeats several times in a row, then Boyfriend will not be able to finish the song, because it will break off ahead of time, which will make Potassium the winner.