FNF: Pow Ski Sings for You!

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Ski is Sky’s pupil, whom the blue-haired girl has taken control of in order to get rid of her boyfriend’s girlfriend. Sky has taught the little girl a lot of things, but she doesn’t seem to like this role at all, and Ski likes to sing and have fun more. Ready to sing along with Ski, or fight against her?

The track list is broken down into several weeks of music, in which Ski will just have fun, battling Sky, Boyfriend, and even the vegetable garden scarecrow. Play the track notes perfectly by clicking on the keys to the rhythms of the tune. Don’t miss touching stencils and moving symbols of the same shape. Keep the success scale on your vocalist’s side to win. The track list includes the following hits: Vopeepow Meow No Memes (No Villains Cover) Talentless Fox Foolhardy Sporty-Ski manifest