FNF: Purgatory Powerdown

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Today Boyfriend meets Mario, and not just one, but many versions of him from Creepypasta. In story mode, the songs are divided into four sections, and in free play you can choose any of your favorites and perform them again. Dive into the world of the chimney sweeper from the old pixel game and show him who is the real King of Music of the FNF world.

Once you’ve chosen a song, get ready to perform it. You need to follow the symbols that move on the right side. Don’t get distracted so you don’t miss them. Catch the signs by pressing the WASD or arrow keys when the running figures hit the stencils at the top. Try not to skip too many pieces so that the guy doesn’t miss notes when performing. If you make it to the end of the music song, you win and can move on to the next one. The songs of this mod are as follows: “Sealed Away”, “Eternity”, “Hammertime”, “His Fault”, “Ablaze”, “Unlicensed” and “Dancing Guy”.