FNF: Roastin’ on a Cartoon Friday

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Meet many characters from famous animated series such as “Steven Universe”, “Young Titans, Go!”, “The Amazing World of Gumball” and “My Little Pony”. In this version, nine new rap battles await you. In the first two songs, Steven will face Finn and Mordecai. Then Princess Bubblegum will fight Jake. In the fourth fight, Johnny Test will defend himself with music. And the adventures won’t end there. In the song “Nuisance” Steven will face off against Annoying Orange, and then Finn and Fern will do battle on the coast. There are also battles to take on Garnet and Cool Kid, Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle, and Steven and his mysterious adversary.

You’ll only find the first two songs in Story mode, all the others are placed in Free Play. Don’t miss the extravaganza of confrontation battles between heroes from different universes. Click on the arrow keys exactly when the silhouetted figures above are touching. Be ready for fast rhythms and a dynamic game that will make you stomp your foot to the rhythms of the music.