FNF: Roses & Thorns Remix by RetroSpecter

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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The handsome boy Senpai brought the well-known tracks Roses and Thorns to the FNF universe. These musical compositions gained such popularity that they began to be covered and transferred from one version of the game to another. This time, Retro Specter has changed his favorite songs a little and made them even more energetic. Now Boyfriend will have to meet Senpai again and try to defeat the improved antagonist to the remixes Roses and Thorns.

If you hold out to the end of the song, you will be the winner. It doesn’t sound difficult, but let’s dig a little deeper. In order for Boyfriend to survive until the end of the song, you need to have time to press the arrow keys when the moving arrows on the screen come into contact with those fixed above the BF’s head. Do not mix up the keys and keep up with the rhythm of the music, only in this way you can drag the success slider to the Boyfriend side and, holding out to the end, become the winner and the coolest guy in the school.