FNF: Ruv and Tabi sings Zavodila

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Tabi and Ruv are some of the most restless characters who are always figuring out who is the best. Already many times the guys fought among themselves under different musical compositions, and still they fail to achieve reconciliation. This time, Girlfriend’s ex-lover, Tabi, offered to sing the song “Zavodila”, which he thinks he does the best. Horned Tabi is confident in his victory, and even more so because today he armed himself with the support of a real specialist in music, that is, you.

Today, Tabi completely gives control over himself into your hands, so the entire responsibility for the outcome of the fight also lies on you. In order for the guy to be able to sing the song to the end and defeat Ruv, you need to press the arrow keys in time. Click at the moment when the identical symbols on the screen matched. Do not skip a single note, because several skips in a row will not allow you to finish the song to the end, and everything will need to start from the beginning.