FNF: Season Zero (Vs Yu-Gi-Oh!)

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Yugi Muto, a high school student, made a mysterious wish on the Millennium Puzzle – he wished for true friendship. And his wish came true! But after he solved the puzzle, he began to lose consciousness and memory frequently. Could it be that someone else replaces him when he faints? And if his friends find out, will they abandon him? One night, while pondering this, Yugi starts having strange dreams where he has to defend himself… by singing. In this world of music, his voice becomes a weapon and a defense.

Help Yugi go through many rounds defending himself with his voice. Only win the battles by bringing the tracks to the finals. Don’t miss the moments when figures of the same shape merge together. Be ready to react to their juxtapositions by clicking the keys. Sing to the very last chords of the songs to become a true champion. Shut Eye Dream Away Fogged Mirror Games Soul-Binding Guiding Dark Crystal-Remix Wishing Ring Sennen