FNF: Slaughtering Night At Bikini Bottom

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On this seabed, life does not stand still. Some save their possessions, while others try to seize them at any cost. Boyfriend dives under the water to the rhythms of music to dot all the I’s. The mod consists of four battles, in which you will have to defeat the creepy, sleep-deprived Squidward, stop the evil deeds of Plankton, who has developed his own robot, and also fight with the strange-looking SpongeBob. Ready for more victories?

The world of FNF brings new music: Unforgettable Regrets Incompliant Cetaphobia Lost and Found Help your hero become the winner in every battle. To do this, keep your eyes on the figures that stream upwards. As soon as the characters on the screen will equal the stencils, immediately click on the arrows. Do not miss the moments of docking often and you will manage to survive until the final, thus becoming the winner.