FNF Spirits of Hell V2

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A mod based on the fan game about Sonic. Immerse with Boyfriend and lightning-fast Sonic in a strange and mysterious world, battling iconic characters in intense duels. The musical journey begins with a story mode consisting of 5 weeks and 12 fights with famous characters. 

In Freeplay mode, you’ll be treated to almost an hour of additional music with 9 tracks. Get ready for a variety of music from melodic to frenzied rhythmic. Don’t miss the moments when figures of the same shape come together. Quickly click on the keys so you don’t miss a note. Try to play the tracks until the final note sounds to win. Night Valley Volcano Valley Bingo Forest Foggy Volcano South Tropic Snowy Volcano Mountain Peek God Killer Weak Power Blood Temple Unless Spirit Doll Poor Girl Arch Soul Unwarp Dark Spirit Amnesia Ice Cap Alliance but Gringe Whisper