FNF: Staruri OMORI Covers

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A unique mod that brings four pieces of music from other versions of FNF, in the rhythms of which the battle of characters from Omori will take place. It’s a boy with a knife that looks strange and a bit scary, but that’s not the whole essence of Omori. Ready to catch the beats and learn new details about the extraordinary boy?

Regardless of what mode you’ll be singing in, your task is not to miss the success slider, and not to let the bar below get painted in the color of your opponent. To do this, you need to catch the symbols accurately in order to sing the correct notes. Pick up the moment to press, which should take place at the same time as connecting the clues on the screen. Don’t miss often, as every mistake distances you from victory. Track List: Open the Door Fractured Friends Monochrome Mirror Squid Destroyer