FNF: Suffocated vs Impostor Fan Song

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One dark night, Boyfriend meets Impostor with burning eyes, the light of which shines through the astronaut’s spacesuit. Inkpostor, admiring Boyfriend’s talents but not averse to taking his place, proposes a battle to the rhythms of the musical composition “Suffocated”, which will determine the champion and the best vocalist.

Will Inkpostor be able to surpass all his fellows who have previously failed to defeat the King of Music? As usual, help Boyfriend become the best on the musical battlefield. To do this, all you need to do is to perform the song cleanly, namely, click on the arrow keys when the pieces on the screen, which have the same shape, converge. Try not to make many mistakes in a row, because then the guy will not be able to continue to perform the song and will be eliminated, and then you will have to sing from the beginning.