FNF Tail’s Halloween

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In this modification you will find even more fun and exciting challenges. Fans have developed an interesting version of the familiar music game, in which two interpretations of Sonic`a will compete, one of them – an evil hedgehog with completely black eyes, in the corner of which a red light burns, the second – his good version, covered with scarlet needles. The outcome of the battle will depend entirely on your ability to move in time with the music and press the keys on the keyboard. Keep an eye on the beat and the arrows that float across the screen when they make contact with similar symbols located at the top of the playing field.

Have fun with Tail’s on his Halloween night walk through town and see what surprises the night has in store for you. Be careful, because there may be real danger lurking around the corner. If you make too many mistakes, it’s very likely that you’ll lose, and the round will be over, faster than you think. We know that you will succeed, so if you want to relax after a long working day, to relieve stress and relax, this game is perfect for you. Bravely press the start button and dive into the midnight adventure!