FNF: Tangent

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Today, red-haired Pico has a confrontation with a deity. En is a god who has witnessed the destruction of the Earth. En sees imbalance in everything, and it’s all because of the crafting of humans, otherwise the world is supposed to be perfect, or almost perfect. After all the devastation that has occurred, there is only one survivor left, and whether he is a hero or a traitor remains a mystery for now.

Pico’s battle with the Deity of En will take place to the song “Tangent”. You have to help the red-haired boy show his heroism on the musical battlefield. The opponents will take turns singing. During the party to be performed by Pico, up the screen will move arrows, which you need to catch in time by pressing the keys with 4 arrows or WASD on the keyboard. Catch the arrows when they coincide with the stationary stencils. Don’t make mistakes often, and Pico will perform the song to the end, showing his superiority.