FNF: The Corruption Inside Us

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A mod in which Boyfriend is infected with a dangerous disease that has made Boyfriend evil but insanely strong. BF is eager to expand his ranks of the infected and offers Shaggy to join. But the traveler only wants to cure the Boyfriend. Will Shaggy be able to cure Boyfriend or will he become an infected monster himself? Matt also comes to the rescue, who feels the power to overcome the disease.

The mod consists of 4 tracks in Story Mode: “The First Meet”, “Getting Ready”, “The Rage” and “Endurance”. As well as additional soundtracks featuring Matt can be found in Free Play: “Intervention”, “Vain”, “Sudden-Death”, “Last-Round” and “final-destination-erect”. You’ll be playing as the infected Boyfriend. Catch the arrow symbols at the moments they hit the outlines of their stencils above. Don’t miss often, for you’ll lose. Spread your affliction to your opponents, and take possession of their souls.