FNF: The Disk Origins

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Boyfriend gets into the world of Sonic, only instead of the smiling and cheerful hedgehog, the guy meets there his monstrous doppelganger, who is happy about such a meeting, because earlier Sonic has not managed to defeat the King of Music, and hoping to do it today, he calls to take part in one more musical duel.

There are 8 different songs: “Hill”, “Melancholyc Tentation”, “Hellish Suffering”, “Liminal Escape”, “No More Girls”, “Gnial”, “Suspicious Speed”, “Disturbance” and “Disturbance Old”. Whoever has to help sing is always on the right. To be a winner, you have to perform the song to the end. Become the best performer by clicking on the arrow keys. Make clicks when the signs running across the screen find their stencils at the top, and don’t make mistakes often.