FNF: The Spring Of Hell

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The world of Sonic is in complete chaos as the villainous Exeller decides to get his hands on the emerald of power and destroy all of Sonic’s friends. Turning the once green world into a scorched wasteland, Exeller begins his march to power. A boyfriend rushes to his aid, but can he use music to destroy the impending evil?

Fight the evil doppelgangers of Sonic’s friends, who are already under Exeller’s power. Watch out for the colored rings that move to the right. As soon as the rings find their reflections, don’t miss the moment and accurately press the arrow key that is responsible for them. Be attentive to be able to last until the climax of the tracks and overpower your rivals in the rhythms of all the next hits: Poor Girl Fly Away Demonicke Echidna Stormship