FNF: The Unmasked Toys

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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Today you’ll meet the characters from Toy Story in a new light. The representation of your favorite toys may turn out to be quite different than you thought. This mod features 6 rap battles inspired by various parodies and creepypastas. The first is “Sweet Dreams” with Woody, a confrontation called “Out of Here” includes dialog. “Perfection” is an original addition that reveals Woody’s jaded character. In the “Shut Up Buzz” confrontation, Woody gets into a rap battle with Buzz Lightyear. The game “Lets Play Forever” is inspired by creepypasta.

Use WASD or arrows to play the game. Press the keys in time when the notes reach the line with their silhouettes. Act exactly to the rhythm of the music so that the hero can endure until its completion. Don’t mix up the notes or skip them often so you don’t lose. Press Enter to start or pause the game.