FNF vs Agatha

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Agatha is a blind girl who has lived in an abandoned hospital all her life. Agatha didn’t immediately recognize who came to her house, because she can’t see, but when she heard a beautiful ringing voice, Agatha realized that the King of the FNF Music World himself was visiting her, so it’s time for a rhythm battle to the following songs: “Blur” and “Rusty”.

Agatha can’t see, but she can hear everything, and thanks to that her hearing is unparalleled and her voice is strong enough. In order to defeat Agatha, the guy needs your help in singing the songs. There are two rounds ahead, during which you need to tell Boyfriend the notes, so that he does not confuse them. Click on the arrow keys as the pieces moving upward find their paired symbols. Don’t miss too often, so you don’t ruin the whole song and lose.