FNF vs Ambion Corrupt Frenzy

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Ambion is a girl with red hair and glasses. In appearance, she seems to be no different from a simple girl, but too emotional events cause her second self in Ambion – a girl with red skin who came from the hell. When Ambion found out that Boyfriend had a new girlfriend, her feelings flared up even more, and she decided to arrange a musical duel with the guy. This duel will not be easy at all, as Ambion is no longer able to maintain her demonic side, which also broke out in battle with the king of music to the songs: “Spining”, “Dystopian Paradise”, “Double Threat”, “Hero too”, “Acid ” and “Bombshell”.

This mod is divided into two weeks, in which you will find six incendiary songs. Enraged, Ambion is ready for battle, and wants to win by any means. In order to prevent this demon from defeating Boyfriend, you need to press the arrow keys in a timely manner, and do this exactly until the end of the song. As soon as the running arrows on the screen coincide with the fixed gray symbols, press the keys without delay. Don’t miss and you’ll make it to the end of the song and emerge with the victory.