FNF vs Beach Brother

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One day a couple of lovers went to the beach, where the lifeguard is the older brother of Girlfriend. As it turned out, there is another child in the girl’s family, who just like his parents is not ready to give his little sister to the first man he meets. When Boyfriend shows up at the beach, the lifeguard has to interrupt his work for a while to see what his sister’s new boyfriend is capable of, and whether he is worthy to be near her.

In the Girlfriend’s family, everyone has musical talent, and the brother is no exception. The duel for the beloved girl’s heart will take place in three stages to the songs “Surf’s Up”, “Tides” and “Beach Brawl”. The beach competition is no different than the usual rhythm battles. Perform the songs with Boyfriend, hitting the notes of the song. To do this, wait for the match of a pair of identical symbols, and click on the keys corresponding to them. Don’t get distracted, so that the success slider doesn’t go to Beach Brother’s side, but stays on Boyfriend’s side the whole time.