FNF vs Ben Drowned Terrible Fate

If the game has not started, please move your mouse to the black screen and press Enter to begin.
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So, you’ve been looking forward to the new modification on FNF, so we are glad to present you a new flawless version of this music game, created by fans like you. This time, another Creepypasta character appears in the version – Ben the Drowned Man. As you understand – this character can’t talk, and instead of coherent speech you will hear only a vicious scream, full of hatred. Be careful, because this development is not suitable for everyone, it will be quite difficult for a beginner to cope with Ben under the fast beat. Gather all your strength and focus on the arrows moving to the top of the screen. Do not miss them too often or you will lose.

The game is accompanied by an intricate and rhythmic melody, which begins with the rumble of bells and the scream of Ben the Drowned Man. As always, GF, the blue-haired man’s girlfriend, is watching the dance fight. Don’t let the girl down and protect her from this horrible monster. Don’t miss the dance moves, listen to the music and have a blast in this fun but terrifying modification.