FNF vs Berdly

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From the game “Deltarune”, the vociferous Berdly reached the FNF world. This axe-wielding Scottish-skirted bird flew straight onto the stage, where Boyfriend was having fun with his girlfriend, coming up with new hits. Berdly flew really prepared, and brought with him a new song, “Smart Bars”, to the rhythms of which he wants to hold a musical competition. Girlfriend is located on the speakers and is ready to cheer for her beloved.

Berdly prepared seriously, and even took an ax with him. But do not worry, because in the musical ring it is allowed to use it, but only the power of the voice. In order to defeat the bird, all you need is attentiveness and reaction speed in order to press the arrow keys in time, as soon as the same symbols on the screen match together. Don’t miss and Boyfriend will be able to finish what he started and force Berdly make him leave the FNF world.