FNF vs Buff Cat

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Today, Boyfriend meets an adorable ginger cat of enormous proportions. Buff Cat goes to the gym too often, where he takes heavy weights and is also addicted to protein shakes. And the kitty has become like a real superman because of this. Also, it should be noted that the athletic nature of the cat is not all that he can boast. Buff Cat also has a great ear and voice, as you’ll soon see for yourself.

Boyfriend has to win the two songs featured in this mod: “pspspsps” and “LOL”. To be the winner, you must perform the music until the final chord. To do this, follow the arrows that run up the screen. As soon as a pair of characters of the same shape will touch, press the key corresponding to them. Try to concentrate on the task and not to make too many blunders so as not to lose the battle.