FNF vs Coco

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Boyfriend and his girlfriend went on a picnic when, at the most interesting place of their conversation, the couple was interrupted by a pug girl named Coco, who brought microphones and several incendiary songs with her, on the terms of which she wants to hold a musical battle. To get rid of the annoying girl in the form of a dog, and continue spending time with BF’s beloved, you need to immediately deal with Coco to the songs: “Calm”, “Joyful” and “Calm-Paster”.

Coco has a fairly harmless and cute appearance, but this does not make her weaker musically vocalist. In order to prove to Coco the superiority of Boyfriend and send the girl home, you need to perform three songs without a lot of mistakes. The success indicator at the bottom will indicate the correct performance of the song. Whose side will have the slider on the indicator at the end of the song, he will be the winner. But the main thing to start with is to hold out until the end of the music, because if you repeat the mistakes too often, then this will not work. It is important to click on the arrow keys in time when a pair of identical signs coincide above the BF’s head.