FNF Vs Dave and Bambi: Pineapple Edition

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Fans have created a mod based on Dave and Bambi, but instead of the merrymakers, the Bikini Bottom crew now sings. Several weeks of music and a beautiful reworking of the game version will give young vocalists an unforgettable experience. Perform the tracks to the finals and show the underwater inhabitants your talents.

Together with Boyfriend you will fight with the main characters of the animated series about Sponge Bob. Don’t skip your notes often so you don’t lose. Pick a track from Free Play or one of the Weeks in Story Mode. Either way, you’ll be watching your arrows and pressing keys as you play the music. Try not to make mistakes often to be able to perform the whole playlist: Yeehaw vs Sandy Spongegod vs Spongebob Alone vs Squidward Slederpants Yum